How to Ensure you get the Perfect Wedding Photos

Although the memories of your wedding last long in the mind, photographs of the big day can jolt you into reminiscing about forgotten, but none the less poignant memories. But how can you guarantee that you will capture all the important moments, as well as some of the more intimate ones?

This article will give advice on how you can make the most of your wedding photographer, whether hiring a professional or simply getting a trusted member of the family to do the job for you.

Create A List of Desired Shots

One of the best ways to ensure that your wedding photography goes to plan is to get organized. Create a detailed list, with all your desired shots for the photographer to keep with them during the event.

Be sure that you get shots of the following:

The big moments - The big, obvious moments need to be taken care of - the bride arriving, the vows, the kiss and the cutting of the cake are must haves in the photo album. V.I.P's - Remember to get shots of the guests as well as the bride and groom: such as the parents, grandparents, siblings, best man and bridesmaids. Small details - Some moments that can be easily forgotten can often be the most poignant. Remember to get shots of table settings, the flowers, the rings and the bride, groom and venue during the set up and whilst getting ready before the ceremony.

Visit the venue before the day

Be sure to visit the venue when itís empty and take look at areas you could get some great, unique shots from. If there are any vantage points or unusual areas be sure to make a note of them so the photographer can get the shots you want. Taking advantage of the natural beauty of an area is a big part of what photography is all about. If you chose a venue for the aesthetics of the architecture, decoration or surroundings, it makes sense to get shots of why you chose the venue in the first place.

Leave Mistakes In!

Before digital photography, one of the great joys of getting a film developed was the anticipation of the unexpected. Often, candid shots of people caught unaware are the most revealing, but nowadays people tend to press the delete button if they see a photo that is not showing them in their best light. But this type of picture can be a real asset to a photo album.

And sometimes, these pictures can be altered or improved with digital photo editing software. Highlighting certain regions of a picture, zooming in on unseen aspects or using other techniques can create new effects that would not normally be possible with standard photography. Sometimes the strangest pictures are the most profound, but by ironing out all the creases, you risk losing some of the magic of the day.

Whether you get a pro in, or have a reliable relation take care of it, these tips should be followed to ensure that your photos bring the big day to life, capturing the memories that can be looked at and enjoyed for a lifetime.

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