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Angela & Adam, continued

We started driving around looking for a fireworks stand.. So we stood there and looked around and he finally picked out three different kinds of fireworks.. I didnt' think anything about it.. I knew he had already bought my ring he had had for the past 3 months and I had kind of given up on him giving it to me.

We got home and he told me to go on in the house and find something to light the fireworks with.. I came back out and he handed me one of the boxes of fireworks and told me to open them. Next, he handed me the next box and had me open them. Then he said, "Well, you might as well open the last box", and I'll never know what made me turn my back to him when I did so, but when I turned around there he was, on one knee. He had the ring in a ring-box and asked me to open it. I just started crying.. I still can't believe it.. We our planning a March 2, 2002 wedding..