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Arnisha and Eddie, continued

Two weeks had gone by and it was time for his family reunion. It was big, and it was held at the Holiday Inn Hotel. Everyone was enjoying themselves, eating and dancing and talking. The DJ puts on a song and everyone danced to the Detroit shuffle.

As we left the dance floor to get to our seats, Eddie took the microphone from the DJ, and the DJ said that Eddie had an announcement to make. Everyone looked at him, wondering what he was doing, thinking that maybe he wanted to thank his family members for coming together, and so forth.

He did thank them, and then he said, "Two weeks ago I asked Arnisha to marry me, and today I'd like to make it official". My face was blood-shot red as he walked over to me, grabbed my hand, and pulled out a black velvet box with a beautiful marquise-cut ring.

My hands were shaking like leaves and tears were rolling down my eyes. He grabbed my shaking hands, and asked into the microphone, "Arnisha, will you marry me?" I was so nervous and scared in front of all the people, I could barely get "Yes" out, but in a squeaky voice managed to say yes, and we of course exchanged hugs and kisses. I couldn't believe it.

We will be married October 7, 2000. I thought that was so romantic, as no one had any idea what he was about to announce. It was very sweet and I'll never forget it.